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Le Bistro Esplanade

Strukli by Esplanade

From village kitchens to elite restaurant

Strukli: this house special is a traditional handmade pastry that oozes oven-baked fresh cottage cheese topped with cream: absolutely delicious. The Esplanade has been making the city’s finest strukli for nigh on a century now and the demand for this Zagreb specialty shows no signs of dwindling.

History of preparing strukli

A traditional specialty from Croatian Zagorje (the Region North of Zagreb, on the other side of the Medvednica mountain), born in the hilly landscapes covered in picturesque pastures and plough-fields, claimed it’s undisputed as a part of the hotel’s culinary offer from the very beginning.

Strukli were prepared in this hotel for the first time back in 1951, when they became a part of the menu, and the Esplanade hotel kept this tradition ever since. Hence of the hotel and strukli cherish a very special, lasting relationship. The idea came from the hotel’s chef desire to collect special and verified recipes from various Croatian regions.

Only 70 kn (9,50 €*) per portion and also available frozen, to cook at home.

* Price in euros (€) is informative only and actual price in euros depends on foreign currency exchange rate at the check out date.

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