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Le Bistro Esplanade

Sensual Summer Flavours @ Oleander Terrace

Summer’s here and it’s time to treat yourself and enjoy life’s pleasures and total relaxation. Find mouth-watering refreshment in the irresistible icy cocktails conjured up by our award-winning cocktail masters. Taste some creative cuisine with a new bar menu inspired by fresh tasty ingredients and intriguing flavours. How about some Tataki tuna, Caesar salad or steak tartare? Go for a steak sandwich, crostini with prosciutto and Pag Island cheese? Simply, treat yourself to a truly exciting offer – every single day.

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, from 7pm until 11pm, DJ Luca Goya

Book your table:
T. +385 1 4566 633
E. [email protected]

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