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Le Bistro Esplanade

Le Bistro Esplanade Announces Its New Winter Menu

A Rhapsody of Attractive Flavours with Chef Ana Grgić’s Authored Dishes

A new creative à la carte menu inspired by fresh local ingredients and winter, with just a touch of Paris chic

Renowned for its relaxed ambience and charming service, this winter Le Bistro is once again a must to relax and enjoy culinary delicacies

With the onset of colder days, Zagreb’s charming Le Bistro of the Esplanade Hotel is offering a new à la carte menu. Inspired by French cuisine, local recipes, and available local ingredients, Head Chef Ana Grgić has launched a series of creative and sumptuous dishes attractive to both eye and palate. Along with eternal classics such as the Steak Tartare and the legendary Esplanade štrukli, Le Bistro’s winter is about a rhapsody of flavours in every plate. Along with a delightful holiday ambiance, a selection of wines and sparkling wines, lovely staff, and supreme service, the glass-walled Le Bistro of Zagreb’s Esplanade Hotel has become this winter’s ideal place to relax in good company and enjoy enticing culinary delicacies.

The selection of attractive hors d’oeuvres presents a smorgasbord of unique flavours, interesting textures and colours enriched by seasonal ingredients such as leek, mushrooms, pumpkin, and truffles. Thus the menu opens with the renowned Caesar’s Salad in an irresistible combination with smoked squid and caramelised garlic, and continues with the inevitable foie gras terrine, this time served with orange jelly, lavender brioche, and honey sauce. Ana has paired crisp rolls with confit of capon – a castrated cock raised exclusively for its delicious meat – with a grape and port marmalade. For the brave, there is smoked marinated beef tongue accentuated with horseradish cream and smoked bulgur, as well as delicious fried veal sweetbread served with thick black bean and tahini cream. Traditional Korean kimchi is paired with delicious red shrimp tails in rice flour tempura with soybean sprouts. This season, Ana’s famous  risotto has become a true creamy composition of pink tones in an enticing combination with roasted beetroot and anchovies, while traditional ravioli have been redressed with pumpkin, pumpkin oil foam, fried seeds, and feta cheese.

Cold winter days invite hot olive and potato soup served along rolls with fine olive tapenade, or creamy mushroom soup with kadaif and aromatic pancetta crumble. For fans of classical French cuisine, there is always gratinéed onion soup – a most delicious choice for both spirit and body – prepared according to a special recipe.

The selection of main courses in Le Bistro’s new menu offers refined and creative flavours of meat and fresh fish, enriched with seasonal vegetables, fine herbs, and other interesting additions. This time, groper filet comes in an enticing combination with dried tomato and herb sauce, and is served with a fine roasted polenta with spinach and pecorino cheese, known for its specific flavour. The smoked turbot filet with black garlic, pine nuts, and sweet carrot cream delights with its texture and flavour, while a composition of squid and almond shaped kalamata olives, marinated fennel and crawfish sauce represents a true Mediterranean delight. Ana has combined superior meat cuts with aromatic flavours and fine side dishes.  True meat lovers will enjoy pork knuckle served with fine calvados sauce and roasted apple and celery cream with crisp skin, or a fantastic USA striploin with truffle aromatised butter, mushroom and potato ragout with porcini dust. In Ana’s rendition, a baby beef T-bone (500 gr) is paired with roasted corn, potato, and spicy chilli butter. The soft and scrumptious texture of veal cheeks in port sauce with delicious shiitake mushrooms and a refreshing celery cream has earned its place on the menu, as have the selection of timeless Le Bistro classics and traditional Zagreb dishes prepared according to old and proven recipes.

Inspired by the sweet flavours of the upcoming holiday season, Ana has created divine delights that perfectly round up this winter gourmet story. Fans of French patisserie will enjoy the crispy crème brûlée with cinnamon and apples, while the foamy chestnut and dark chocolate mousse with delicious caramel sauce is simply delightful. The cacao meringue with orange mousse and gel is a perfect example of traditional holiday flavours being transformed into a modern culinary adventure, while a flaky tarte with wild fruits and delicate coconut cream makes the crescendo of this symphony of delights.

Guided by global dietary trends, Le Bistro’s à la carte menu also boasts dishes made with gluten-free flour and pastry according to the strict BOSK gluten-free standard. The selection includes crispy bread and rolls, aromatic flaky tarte with brie cheese, delicious ravioli with cottage cheese and spinach cream, but also traditional gratinéed  Esplanade štrukli and various cakes, freshly made. This tasty nutrition is available to all, and especially to those who are intolerant or sensitive to gluten. The menu specially marks dishes that are vegetarian or halal, to help guests with their choices.

The carefully selected Esplanade Gourmet collection is available to enjoy in the comfort of your own home daily. The unmissable štrukli  have their frozen to-go variant, while the finest Esplanade Gourmet delicacies can be arranged in handsome packaging and serve as a sweet gift for your loved ones, or your very own small dose of hedonism with coffee or tea.

Besides the à la carte dishes, the ambience of French chic is a perfect setting for guests to delight daily in a fine opulent breakfast, exceptional coffee, and a daily selection of enticing cakes.

Ana’s perfectionist approach to gastronomy, a young and charming team of chefs and waiters and waitresses, and the cosy, relaxed ambience of Le Bistro are all reason enough to pass the time enjoying delicious dishes, tasty beverages, fine desserts, and a holiday atmosphere in the heart of the city.

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