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Le Bistro Esplanade

Green is the New Black!

Raise your glass and join us for Irish Week from 13 – 19 March at the Esplanade 1925 Lounge & Cocktail Bar. Celebrate a vibrant week of Irish eccentricity,  green color, and the finest whiskeys!

Meet the best cocktail-classics – luxurious Emerald, mighty Blarney Stone, honey Copywriter, unavoidable Irish Cocktail and Evergreen mint green for the full experience – celebrating Irish Week in style!

Find a wide range of attractive and curious combinations – all at the Esplanade Bar. Guaranteed to hit the spot for you and every elf to enjoy! Go ahead and try a refreshing cold Guinness with a delicious Club Sandwich or Irish coffee and crisp dark chocolate cake with smooth vanilla sauce.

Come along and try some of the best whiskeysspread a little welcomed happiness and good wishes during this feel-good Irish Week. Enjoy the best of Ireland’s liquid gold with great DJ music and the fabulous staff team at the Esplanade 1925 Lounge & Cocktail Bar.

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