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Tesla Charger

Tesla Destination Charging

As the first in Croatia and the region Esplanade Hotel offers Tesla Destination Charging

Esplanade Zagreb Hotel teams up with Tesla Motors 

Owners of Tesla cars can now freely charge their Tesla electric vehicle at the Esplanade
The Esplanade Hotel has once again proved that it follows the latest global trends and standards in the implementation of luxury services
‘The future is in electric vehicles and environmentally aware programs’
The Esplanade Hotel is teaming up with Tesla Motors is proud to announce within its offer, as the first hotel in Croatia and in this part of Europe, how its guests and owners of the Tesla electric cars have the possibility of freely charging their vehicles with Tesla Destination Charger.
Following the USA and Asia, Europe has now officially launched Tesla’s Destination Charging program and announced the opening of 150 new locations for charging including the Esplanade. Implementing ‘Tesla Destination Charger’ the Esplanade Hotel joins a rapidly growing network of carefully selected locations within this program. Through the ‘Destination Charging‘ program Tesla also partners with hotels, resorts and restaurants around the world, offering connections to charge vehicles as a special service providing added value to guests. This allows owners of Tesla vehicles to freely charge their vehicles in places where they wish to stay for a few hours or perhaps overnight.
Destination Charging‘ with the help of 22kW charger power allows Tesla electric vehicles to run for a further 100 km for each charging hour. Charging the car takes just a few hours and is absolutely free for hotel guests. Model S, which is located within the Esplanade Hotel offers the possibility of driving up to 550 km on a single charge.
From 27th April, the Esplanade Hotel together with other Tesla Destination Charging locations are hosted on Tesla’s interactive webpage which is also GPS located on the vehicle’s navigation through Tesla’s free over-the-air software update sent wirelessly to the car. Tesla owners are able to use the 17” touch screen to easily plan trips and locate places for charging.
Ivica Krizmanić, General Manager of the Esplanade Hotel said: ‘I am delighted to team up with Tesla Motors. There is no doubt they mark a revolution in the world of electric cars. The combination of leading-edge technology and the forward-thinking of Tesla coincide with the business of the Esplanade Hotel and our vision of the future where through various business segments we continue to be environmentally aware and proudly carry the Sustainable Hotel label. This service once again proves the Esplanade positions itself at the very top of the list of hotels that follow trends in the market of luxury services, exceeding the expectations of its guests and offer a different experience stay. I am pleased to point out that the very first day of installing Destination Charging connector, several guests came to Zagreb purely just for these benefits. I believe this service will attract many new guests and owners of Tesla vehicles to Croatia and equally other hotels partnering in this program. ‘
About Tesla
Tesla Motors’ (NASDAQ: TSLA goal is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy with a full range of increasingly affordable electric cars. California-based Tesla designs and manufactures electric vehicles, as well as renewable energy storage. Tesla has delivered over 100,000 electric vehicles to customers worldwide.
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About the Esplanade Zagreb hotel
The Esplanade Hotel, the most prestigious hotel in Zagreb, was built in 1925 aiming to provide superior accommodation and service excellence to passengers of the Orient Express, which was then part of the Paris – Istanbul route. The Esplanade hotel is one of the most elegant buildings in Zagreb, and since it opened its doors, has been a place of key social events in the capital. The hotel offers guests an unprecedented grandeur, ensuring distinguished guests have always felt right at the Esplanade. The impressive list of famous guests includes Josephine Baker, Charles Lindbergh, Orson Welles, Queen Elisabeth, Prince Charles and many others. Following the complete refurbishment, on 18 May 2004 the hotel reopened and has emerged as a true star hotel in the region, as evidenced by the series of gained awards, such as the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Winner, World Luxury Hotel Awards, Condé Nast Traveler Gold List and Readers’ Choice Awards, Expedia Insiders’ Select list, World Travel Awards, etc.
The First
From the moment it opened its doors, the Esplanade Zagreb Hotel was the first in many things. For the first time in this region it introduced some new standards, services and offers. This hotel has always followed the latest world trends in hospitality, fashion, gastronomy and lifestyle.
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T.  +385 1 45 66 036, M. +385 91 47 666 47
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