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BOSK Gluten-Free

BOSK Gluten-Free

Croatia’s Very First BOSK Gluten-Free Standard Awarded to Zagreb’s Hotel Esplanade

At the BOSK Gluten-Free Standard presentation ceremony, Zagreb’s prestigious and renowned hotel was awarded the first such certificate in Croatia

Introducing the BOSK Gluten-Free Standard will enable those on a gluten-free diet to eat out at various restaurants and hotels

Croatia’s first gluten-free standard, known as BOSK, was presented for the first time at Zagreb’s hotel Esplanade. The prestigious hotel itself recognized BOSK’s significance and has since implemented the strict standards it dictates, as such becoming the first certified Croatian hotel with a gluten-free offer. The BOSK Gluten-Free Standard is intended for catering industry, offering practical knowledge about the preparation, presentation, and distribution of gluten-free dishes.

The most up-to-date research confirms that gluten is one of the most widespread food allergens. It is estimated there are over 70 million people with gluten sensitivity and intolerance in Europe today, with 190 million people who prefer to avoid gluten and wheat and 11 million people who suffer from Celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder which is the severest form of gluten intolerance. These, and many other facts related to gluten are what led to the birth of the BOSK Gluten-Free Standard, which will enable those on a gluten-free diet to visit restaurants and hotels which have, through implementation of strict standards, earned a BOSK Gluten-Free Certificate, as merely preparing meals with gluten-free ingredients simply is not enough to be labelled gluten-free.

‘Motivated by my own personal experience of being on a strict gluten-free diet while yearning to socialize with family and friends at restaurants, the idea of developing a gluten-free standard was born. From now on, those on a gluten-free diet will be able to trust they are consuming gluten-free meals at restaurants and hotels, knowing that the staff have been acquainted with preparation and serving principles’, stated Denis Delogu, Director at BOSK, the company which developed the standard. In addition to the head of the company, the BOSK Gluten-Free Standard was also presented by Assistant Professor and sanitation engineer Dražen Lušić, Ph.D. (University of Rijeka’s Medical School, Department of Health Ecology), who participated in the standard’s development.

The BOSK Gluten-Free Standard was founded on the basis of scientifically proven and globally accepted food security protocols, as such being based on principles of the HACCP system, good manufacturing practice (GMP) and good hygiene practices. ‘The BOSK Gluten-Free Standard was developed for the purpose of reducing the risk of gluten-contamination, and it prescribes protocols for manufacturing processes of the supply, storage, preparation and serving of food, as well as corrective measures intended to be taken in case of gluten-contamination suspicion,’ stated Professor Dražen Lušić.

Croatia’s first certified facility and holder of the BOSK Gluten-Free Standard is Zagreb’s hotel Esplanade, as a place always aspiring to excellence in service and one which has established itself on the luxury market as a temple of exceptional cuisine and a hotel of exquisite taste. The hotel Esplanade has been recognized as an innovator, one which not only keeps step with a rich and log-standing tradition, but also continually introduces fresh ideas and new services, as such pushing limits and setting new trends in the hotel industry. The Esplanade has proved this yet again through its implementation of the BOSK Gluten-Free Standard. As the first and only certified hotel in Croatia, it will enable its guests to safely enjoy eating out and ordering dishes which suit their dietary needs and habits.

‘The hotel recognized the specific needs of certain guests a few years ago, when it marked gluten-free dishes in all its menus so as to make ordering easier. When we were approached by BOSK representatives about implementing the Gluten-Free Standard, we agreed immediately, as we know from experience that certification enables a guest to more easily trust the food’s high quality, as well as feel secure that contamination has not occurred during acquisition, storage, preparation or serving. Namely, the comprehensive implementation process has dictated that the Esplanade’s staff has undergone thorough training, something which is to be continually updated. We are very proud that the first gluten-free certificate in Croatia was given to the hotel Esplanade and we believe this is something which will make our guests, many of whom follow gluten-free diets, exceptionally happy,’ said Sanda Sokol, PR & Marketing Manager at the Esplanade, a hotel already holding certificates such as HACCP, Halal and Kosher.

Those at the presentation had the opportunity to try various gluten-free treats prepared by renowned chef Ana Grgić and her team. The dishes were served in accordance with newly introduced BOSK Gluten-Free Standard principles, and attendees, amongst whom were numerous celebrities, left thoroughly convinced that gluten-free food can be absolutely delicious.

Particularly piquing interest were special guests Eugenio Rivetti and Luca Rivetti, renowned manufacturers of gluten-free products Il pane di Anna from Italy, who presented the art of making delicious gluten-free baked goods, breads, pizzas, and pastries, demonstrating how to prepare the food live in front of guests.

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More information at: www.bosk.hr  


The BOSK Gluten-Free Standard is a private standard developed by the BOSK company, with implementation partners – Primorje-Gorski kotar County’s Teaching Institute of Public Health and the University of Rijeka’s Medical School, Department of Health Ecology.
The BOSK company and project were founded by famed Croatian soccer player Mario Stanić and Denis Delogu, author of the book ‘U šumi’ (In the Woods), who were motivated by their personal experiences with how a change in diet can cause an improvement in health. BOSK also distributes high-quality gluten-free products Il pane di Anna on the Croatian market.
Zagreb’s prestigious hotel Esplanade first opened its doors in 1925 and is still celebrated as one of the city’s architectural gems. Imaginative cuisine, luxurious rooms and suites, alongside immaculate service and a knowledgeable staff provide each and every guest with a feeling of being personally catered to. www.esplanade.hr


Sanda Sokol
PR & Marketing Manager, Esplanade Zagreb Hotel
M +385.91.47.666.47
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Sabina Prpić
Marketing, BOSK
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