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Le Bistro Esplanade

Decadent autumn pleasures

Fresh sensual oysters at Le Bistro

Known for their aphrodisiac properties, praised for their distinctive taste and texture since ancient times, fresh and delicious oysters will shine brightly this autumn as attractive delicacies made by Chef Ana Grgić.

Taste the sea with fresh oysters with citrus jelly, try irresistible gratin oysters with shallots and Parmesan cheese, find comfort in delicate creamy leek soup with oysters and cream or enjoy delicious oysters in tempura with spicy potatoes and arugula. Complete this gourmet experience with a glass of fine Croatian wine Pošip Stina, Sauvignon Franković or Chardonnay Pilato.

Dedicate some time for yourself, visit chic Le Bistro and surrender to the unique flavours of this sensual delicacy.

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*Promotional menu available from 4th until 11th October 2017

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