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Esplanade Careers

They simply fell in Love

at the Esplanade Zagreb Hotel

Check how our colleagues feel about the Esplanade Zagreb Hotel

“The Esplanade is not a regular hotel. This architectural gem boasts a specific charm and spirit, with which most fall in love with at first sight. The very thought of all those who have walked these halls, stayed in these rooms, how many important events have played out in these spaces – a great respect is evoked and one begins to treat the hotel as a living creature in need of a familial environment and much love and care, so that it, too, can return the favour to all those in search of friendly and warm service and a special experience, one which goes beyond the luxury space and one which will be remembered forever. That is what we strive for. To love this hotel and to provide our guests with emotion, something many people need. That’s my driving force – heart. I perceive this hotel through the heart; I experience all that it does. This is especially true when you have a wonderful team by your side, a team which deserves to be a part of this hotel’s distinctive and rich history, and when you know that all collective efforts are well worth it and will be returned many times over.

We try to carry on the tradition of offering first-class service, staying in tune with the latest trends in the hospitality and gastronomy industries, as well as with the needs of modern guests and the development of novel technologies worldwide, in order for the hotel to retain its leading position in the region, so that we may be unique and different from all other hotels in the world.”

Ivica Krizmanić
General Manager

“I’ve been at this hotel for 15 years. That is something many would find surprising, but it truly is a special place with heart, and everyone here is proud to work at the Esplanade and to be a part of its impressive history. I enjoy what I do. I love the dynamic of the job, the creativity and artistic expression through ingredients and food, the possibility of encountering various cultures and cuisines, exchanging experiences with chefs from all over the world… It is hard for me to imagine working at another restaurant or hotel. The Esplanade is currently my second home and my second family.”

Ana Grgić
Executive Chef


“Working at the Esplanade represents a dynamic interaction between the so-called ‘old traditional school’ and new trends in the luxury hotel industry, one based on the staff’s inspirational philosophy which testifies, according to our guests’ positive comments, that this isn’t just a regular high-class hotel, but rather a first-class oasis of hospitality, comfort and gastronomy. Everyone is free to imbed a piece of themselves here, and our employees’ beaming faces as well as the personalized first-class service come together to form this specific blend, evoking in our guests a feeling of homely comfort as well as memorable experiences. We are proud of our employees’ dedication and are aware of their crucial role in successful business.”

Daniela Bilušić
Human Resources Manager

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